Ruthless port scanner


What is Port scanner? 

What is port scanning? It is similar to a thief going through your neighborhood and checking every door and window on each house to see which ones are open and which ones are locked.
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) are two of the protocols that make up the TCP/IP protocol suite which is used universally to communicate on the Internet. Each of these has ports 0 through 65535 available so essentially there are more than 65,000 doors to lock.

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What is Ruthless port scanner?

Ruthless port scanner is a small, fast, easy to use for Win32 platform.We made this just for fun 😉  It uses a multithread technique,  you can scan ports very fast. Also, it contains descriptions for common ports and Vulnerable ports.Download and test it

System Requirements



Processor:-300MHz P3

Framework:-MS Framework2.0*

Virus Scan Report



Download Link


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