Hot Torrent Searcher

Hot Torrent Searcher Cover

Hot Torrent Searcher Cover

Hot Torrent Searcher 

Hot Torrent Searcher is a new and improve version of identifying and locating most famous 60 top new torrents search in the internet. A person who uses this new software will enable him/her to quickly locate which torrent are most activities once in the internet and based on such information they will be able to find and download them accordingly.

One of the great advantage of this particular software is that, the user do not have to use any other web browsing software or methodology  to locate which torrent are more famous as at today. By having such facilities we can make clear track on fast moving world.

Second major advantage can be seen as that, through “Hot Torrent searcher” not only it identified and reveal most famous movies, but in addition it shows games, videos, Audio, applications, TV shows and even this search extend towards e-book and other software.

hot torrent searcher  screen shot

hot torrent searcher screen shot

How to use it 

On the tool bar there are different categories such as ALL, Video, Audio, Application, Games and other. From these icons, simple select what categories you would like to find out and click them. Afterwards, use to the “Search” bottom on the tool bar to view all the top 60 Hot torrents in the internet. Same technique will be applied for all the categories.

Apart from that, bottoms such as “Refresh” is  available to make the searching much more convenient for us. Simply this system and interface is very user friendly that anyone can use them very quickly and efficiently.

Lastly to obtain more information about this software and other developed software by “AngeloSofts”, you can simple visit the website by using the “About” bottom.

Thank you for downloading and enjoy the greatest and hottest torrent in the internet.

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