Change Any Window Title with Window Injector

Window Injector is small application that can be change any window title in run time Actually there are no anyway to rename window name in windows.100% FREE.Enjoy it 

Window Injector AngeloSofts

Window Injector

Special note:
this is my first Delphi application,i really love to code in Delphi
because Delphi is standalone and easy to code 🙂
no more .NET frameworks need to run 🙂 also i have pure assembly version 😀


  1. User Friendly
  2. Small File Size
  3. Quick and Easy to use
  4. Standalone
  5. Support:Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8

How to Use

  1. Run Window Injector
  2. Click Get Process Button
  3. Select any Process to inject
  4. type new window name and click inject button
  5. ENJOY IT 🙂

Download Links

  1. Mirror 1
  2. Mirror 2

Security Informations

  1. Virus Scan
  2. MD5: 0e16c6a82f16e1050635a9cd3e5c3b47
  3. Please Skip False Positive. im not a malicious Programmer


Simple Before/After Image(Injected to IE11)

Window Injector

Window Injector

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