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How to Create Temperature Conversion Program using C++

Ok today Im gonna to show you,How to make simple Temperature Conversion Program using C++,its easy and Pretty nice here the codes,Now play time 😉 #include <iostream> int main() { int celsius,fahrenheit; std::cout<<“\nEnter Temperature in Faherenite: “; std::cin>>fahrenheit; celsius=5*(fahrenheit-32)/9; std::cout<<“Temperature is “; std::cout<<celsius;

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Introduction to C++ Programming

C++ evolved from the C programming language.The C language was evolved at Bell laboratories by Dennis Ritchie from a language called B in 1972.By the late 1970s. C had evolved into a industry standard language. C++,an extension of C was developed by bjarne stroustrup in early 1980s at bell Laboratories.C++ provides object oriented

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