Hot Torrent Searcher

Hot Torrent Searcher Cover

Hot Torrent Searcher Cover

Hot Torrent Searcher 

Hot Torrent Searcher is a new and improve version of identifying and locating most famous 60 top new torrents search in the internet. A person who uses this new software will enable him/her to quickly locate which torrent are most activities once in the internet and based on such information they will be able to find and download them accordingly.

One of the great advantage of this particular software is that, the user do not have to use any other web browsing software or methodology  to locate which torrent are more famous as at today. By having such facilities we can make clear track on fast moving world.

Second major advantage can be seen as that, through “Hot Torrent searcher” not only it identified and reveal most famous movies, but in addition it shows games, videos, Audio, applications, TV shows and even this search extend towards e-book and other software.

hot torrent searcher  screen shot

hot torrent searcher screen shot

How to use it 

On the tool bar there are different categories such as ALL, Video, Audio, Application, Games and other. From these icons, simple select what categories you would like to find out and click them. Afterwards, use to the “Search” bottom on the tool bar to view all the top 60 Hot torrents in the internet. Same technique will be applied for all the categories.

Apart from that, bottoms such as “Refresh” is  available to make the searching much more convenient for us. Simply this system and interface is very user friendly that anyone can use them very quickly and efficiently.

Lastly to obtain more information about this software and other developed software by “AngeloSofts”, you can simple visit the website by using the “About” bottom.

Thank you for downloading and enjoy the greatest and hottest torrent in the internet.

Download Links

Download Mirror 1

Download Mirror 2

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Temporarily Closed



“Hello my dear Followers and my production fans.i have tentatively hold my blog writing and creating new computer programs since i have so much work on my schedule.this is because i have stared my studies on a new path and began to explore my potential skills by engaging new line of studies.also i’m doing some security research and C++ win32 Programming.i’ll update new stories when free times.”


  • Are you coming back?

Yeah yeah 🙂

  • Are you creating new tools again?

Yes . including web applications and mobile apps 🙂


we just found bug of  File Eater

now file eater in file guru 🙂

also i received lot of messages from all my fans about file eater and other stuff,i really appreciate  it.guys please keep feedback me and Thank you!!

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File Eater

file eater

What is File Eater

in your Computer there are lot of personal stuffs.everyday you deleting yours programs,images,videos,banking information, credit card numbers, address books, social security number, personal emails.
And you may think that just by hitting your “delete” button, all is Delete.But you were wrong in Windows its not 100% deleting your files, when it comes to your PC.
Most of the information you delete can still be recovered by using special recoverable programs for that purpose, so it is still available to hackers

File Eater Cover

File Eater main user interface

If you want to completely Delete your personal information, and keep yourself safe, you need to take File Eater
This free tool attractive interface is designed for ease of use.
File Eater is a file shredding software to shred files permanently in a quick and reliable.
Way that it cannot be retrievable or recovered in any way.
A list of simple clicks such as Add File(s) and Add Folder(s) let you browse and choose the items you wish to remove.

we recommend this tool for any level of user who needs a simple file eraser.

Recommended System Requirements

  1. Operating System WindowsVista 32/64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 32/64-bit
  2. CPU Intel Pentium 3 or above
  3. Hard Disk Space 255KB
  4. Others .Net Freamwork 2.0*,Internet(For Contact and Report Bugs updates)


Download File Eater

Download Link 2

Virus Report

File Signature

MD4 3ff842115a1c52f5a671def3bf3480d0
MD5 56c814ac73403041ec9d6d7148568a37
SHA-256 0caa076cb62e87715d1061a194b8aa07103c8d784efeaab8ecca3a3fda5840d4

Download User Guide

Screen Shots

File eater main Interface



File eater main Interface
File eater main Interface2

Softpedia award



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First Joomla Web site

Here My First Joomla site


Mr. Anil Yapa Bandara is a professional individual who has been engaged in many international operations and having vast experienced in the field of Organic products and fair trade matters. With his experiences along with his strong enthusiasm in community work has guided him to initiate this foundation. Mr. Anil Yapa Bandara and Mrs. Indrani Elizabeth Yapa Bandara had a keen interested towards community work and helping many disadvantaged peoples in their Church.

Their passion was to see and give many people a helping hand to uplift the lives of many disadvantage community groups. To fulfill their mission they have initiated a Healthy Seeds and Soil which will guide many disadvantage communities create benefits and prosperity to their lives by engaging and develop Organic Cultivation in their churches, homes etc…

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Ruthless port scanner


What is Port scanner? 

What is port scanning? It is similar to a thief going through your neighborhood and checking every door and window on each house to see which ones are open and which ones are locked.
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) are two of the protocols that make up the TCP/IP protocol suite which is used universally to communicate on the Internet. Each of these has ports 0 through 65535 available so essentially there are more than 65,000 doors to lock.

More info


What is Ruthless port scanner?

Ruthless port scanner is a small, fast, easy to use for Win32 platform.We made this just for fun 😉  It uses a multithread technique,  you can scan ports very fast. Also, it contains descriptions for common ports and Vulnerable ports.Download and test it

System Requirements



Processor:-300MHz P3

Framework:-MS Framework2.0*

Virus Scan Report



Download Link


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Christmas Mood


Developed By Angelo Softs

Snow Fall Effect :-

Click Here to Visit Christmas Mood

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How to Create Temperature Conversion Program using C++

Ok today Im gonna to show you,How to make simple Temperature Conversion Program using C++,its easy and Pretty nice

here the codes,Now play time 😉

#include <iostream>
int main()
int celsius,fahrenheit;
std::cout<<“\nEnter Temperature in Faherenite: “;
std::cout<<“Temperature is “;
std::cout<< ” Degrees celsius”;
std::cout<<“\nEnter Any key to Exit “;
return 0;


if the parentheses were not used initially 5 would be multiplied with the variable fahreheit. Because we want to subtract 32 from fahreheit    initially we need to use brackets.

without the parentheses,the multiplication would be carried out first,since * has higher priority than -.with the parentheses  are carried out first.

what about the precedence of the * and / signs? when two arithmetic operators have the same precedence,the one on the left is executed first,so the multiplication will be carried out next;then division.precedence and parentheses are normally applied this same way in  algebra and other computer their use probably seems quite natural.however,precedence is an important topic in C++.

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