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Change Any Window Title with Window Injector

Window Injector is small application that can be change any window title in run time Actually there are no anyway to rename window name in windows.100% FREE.Enjoy it  Special note: this is my first Delphi application,i really love to code in Delphi

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Ruthless port scanner

What is Port scanner?  What is port scanning? It is similar to a thief going through your neighborhood and checking every door and window on each house to see which ones are open and which ones are locked. TCP (Transmission Control

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Get LAN Computers Information using My LAN Scanner

Hello guys.Today I’m going to give you valuable software for LAN networked computers(such as Small Offices,your home network) OK,so what we can do with this Program?? you can get your LAN computers information such as Host Name,IP Address,etc  and you can detect network errors. My LAN Scanner is full

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